Dog Hair in the Water

Like all people that own dogs that shed copious amounts of hair, I am writing this small blog post to vent my frustration. My wonderful dog is a black Labrador Retriever and his hair is like tiny needles that thread their way into every part of my life.

My dog’s resilient fur even haunts me at work. Mostly likely the hair hitched a ride on my clothes, waiting for the perfect moment to reveal itself in my bowl of Quaker Strawberry and Cream Instant Oatmeal. Upsetting, but not a deal breaker.

In many respects, I have become so used to my dog’s hair being everywhere I am rarely surprised any more. However, I would not be writing this post if there weren’t those small, but powerful instances were a single hair shakes me out of my all accepting-ness of a fur infused world.

Everyone has some sort of nightly ritual or routine that they run through before they go to bed. Some are simple and some are complex. My routine I think runs somewhere in the middle. A major component of that routine for me is to make sure I have a glass of water on my nightstand within arms reach. I usually drink it through the course of the night and in the event I don’t, I make sure I finish it in the morning.

The most important thing to note is that I get my water right before I go to bed. This delicious room temperature water comes from our ceramic water dispenser. The water it contains is not exposed to the elements (a.k.a. my dog’s needle like hair). However, by the time I have walked to the stair case, ushered my dog to go upstairs and followed suit, set my glass of water down, gotten ready for bed, then finally got into bed myself, there floating on the surface of my delicious room temperature water is a single dog hair.

Gaaaaah! This always gets me. After the initial sighting and the anger that follows, begins the saga of trying to fish the darn thing out. Laboriously, I try to pinch that little sucker between my index finger and thumb. All the while hoping I don’t accidentally push the hair below the surface of the water sending it to the bottom of the glass. Another method I employ is to use my finger to push the hair towards the side of the glass and then move it up the side.

In any case, I have to say it is a super frustrating exercise to go through when all you want is to have that last gulp of water before you slide under the covers and go to sleep.

In the event that the dog hair does submerge and sinks to the bottom of the glass, I don’t waste the water and pour it out. I still drink it, knowing that I may end up swallowing the dog hair when I sleepily take a drink in the wee hours of the morning.

This is the price one pays to have a wonderful big ham of a dog. Although it is frustrating, surprising, and sad, I would take a hairy glass of water any day rather than not have my big black dog in my life.

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ABC Story

What I have written below is from an exercise, I found online, that is designed to get your creative juices flowing. The gist of the exercise is to create a short story and start each sentence with a letter of the alphabet. The first sentence starts with the letter “A” and then the next sentence starts with the letter “B,” and so on until “Z” is reached.

I used all of the letters in consecutive order and then added one more sentence starting with the letter “A” again. I would recommend this exercise to anyone. It is simple in concept, but in execution it is another story (no pun intended).


An aardvark was running toward the freeway at a frantic pace. Building up speed with his little body, dust shot out behind him. Careening through bushes and low shrubbery the little mammal sustained small cuts and scrapes but continued on without breaking stride. During the aardvark’s mad dash, an officer of the law was issuing a speeding ticket to a not so cooperative driver, Xavier. Eagerly writing a whopper of a ticket, the police officer smiled broadly. Fidgeting in his seat, Xavier uttered a few choice words about the ludicrous ticket. Grieving over the money he would have to pay, he stared out at the desert and notice a plum of dust headed straight for his car.

Heat exhaustion plagued the little aardvark. Ignoring the complaints from his tiny feet and muscles he continued to run as fast as his legs would carry him. Judging from the red convertible Mustang on the side of the freeway, he had about 30 feet to go before he reach the pavement.

Keeping an eye on the plum of dust that was fast approaching, Xavier started to feel nervous. Laughing audibly the police officer issued the speeding ticket and went about his business. Moments after the officer rejoined commuter traffic, Xavier heard a loud smack against his passenger door.

Necessity made the aardvark careless. Of all the stupid things he could have done, he managed to misjudge how much space was under the car. Perhaps if the aardvark had slowed down just ever so slightly, he would not be in the predicament of being solidly wedged between the cement and the cars undercarriage.

Quickly, Xavier opened his door and jumped out of the drivers seat. Rounding the car he was met with the most peculiar sight. Stuck between the cement and the car two tiny legs and a butt were wiggling furiously. Thinking about what to do Xavier decided to do the honorable thing and haul the little aardvark out.

Utterly horrified that a human was dragging him out from under the car, the aardvark did his best to worm his way out of the grip. Various animal squeaks and grunts began to issue forth from the aardvarks mouth.

With careful, but firm hands, Xavier cautiously put the aardvark down on the ground. Xavier expected the aardvark to run in fright and he mentally prepared to be left without even a small nod of thanks. Yet, the aardvark did not run, but slowly turned around and looked up at him.

ZAP! A small but powerful laser gun shot from the aardvark’s left hand and ended Xavier’s life.

Xavier’ death was definitely an interesting turn of events. Even I did not see that coming as I was writing the story. If I have learned anything from this exercise, it is that aardvarks are crafty little animals and should never be fully trusted.

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